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Results to date and round four pairings:

Open -
Major -
Minor -
Results below:


1st : Andrew Greet
2nd =: George Neave, Peter Romilly, Lennart Kohn
U1910: Goetz Bucher, Ian Marks, Richard Jennings
U1800: Ioannis Dabos-Doukas, Dariusz Kosznik


1st =: Peter Doris, Robin Moore, Robert Clegg, Euan Dawson
U1500: Steve Sawaryn, Ray Noble
Junior 13-16 yrs: Andrew McMillan
Junior 12 and under: Marco D’Alessio


1st=: Andrew Greet
2nd =: Malcolm MacMillan, Steve Thacker, Oishani Dutta, Sambhav Chadha, Kalyan Kante
U1060: Matthew Billcliff
Junior 14 -15 yrs: Liam Mathieson
Junior 12 - 13: Pranav Saravanan
Primary: Pranav Arcot
Dundee & Angus Congress gratefully acknowledge the following for their kind donations:

Jacqui Thomas
William Clinton
Joanis Dabos Doukas
Douglas Harvey
Liam Mathieson
Jeremy Mitchell
John Pearston
Chris Sykes
Phil Thomas
Gordon Walker
James Watson
Lukah Connelly Sams
Alastair Dawson
Ray Flood
Andrew Greet
Neil Irving
Andrew McMillan
Graham Mooney
Frankie Murray
Tariq Pasha
Bernardo Pincheira
Peter Romilly
Stephen Thacker
Alan Borwell
Andrew McCusker
Richard Jennings
Jeffrey Robinson
Stephen Smith
Dave Watson
Results on

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There's nothing like going out on a mistake. Winner of the Minor was Lawrence Freel. I really must get the hang of copy/past/error-check
Photo gallery for 2016 -

Excellent photos Keith, and thanks again for your efforts in organising the event.
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