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Unfortunately I won't be around for the Largs congress this year, it looks like a great event again. I did see the following in the terms and conditions though:


However there is no mention of any penalty for wrongly accusing someone of cheating. Cheating doesn't seem to be a problem in Scotland thankfully but this rule seems quite dangerous.
Hi Clement, sorry you can't make it this year. Thankfully cheating does not seem to plague the Scottish chess scene and long may that continue.

The reasoning behind the rule is to indicate that the congress will have a zero tolerance approach to non compliance with the arbiter's investigation. Part 12.9 of the Laws of Chess give several options for such non cooperation, we are just stating we will be taking the strongest action listed, expulsion. With regards to how we deal with players making wrongful claims, this will come under part 11.1 and 11.5 of the Laws of Chess, with again 12.9 giving the list of penalties. This means any player trying to unsettle their opponent unjustly with a frivolous claim can be expelled from the event, with genuine wrongful claims being dealt with the appropriate option.
I don't know how anyone can say cheating doesn't happen. It's not like cheaters are renowned for their honesty!
General question: Is it possible that out of the hundreds/thousands of opponents that you have played, that one person once checked a piece of paper with notes, or used their phone to analyse a move? (minimum cheating scenario). No one knows how big a problem it is because very few have been caught.

Personally I agree that it's highly unlikely in Scotland but why not simply ban having a mobile at all on your person during the game (players can hand their phone in to an attendant). Anyone can turn a phone on and off.

The tournament looks great by the way. Love the entry form and the viking theme Smile
Of course it is possible Alan, although no one needs to resort to cheating to beat me the way I have been playing this season! Let's just hope cheating isn't a regular occurrence now or in the future here in Scotland.

With regards to mobile phones, it's a balancing act that we are trying to achieve that does not burden the players while protecting the integrity of the tournament. Personally I would not like the responsibility of being in possession of all the players phones, could be quite expensive if someone's smartphone got accidently damaged.

Glad you like the look of the event, hope you can make it this year!
Hi Gary,

The prize fund looks amazing and I love the format of the tournament. I notice the event is not Fide rated. Have you thought about Fide rating it? I would play if it was.
We did Andrew and are still open to the idea. I know a few players are not keen on playing in Fide events with more than one game a day, but the Scottish Chess Tour events have been well attended. If people are keen, we could certainly have the Open Fide rated. What do people think about that possibility?
Gary McPheator Wrote:If people are keen, we could certainly have the Open Fide rated. What do people think about that possibility?

You might have technical problems. For an Open event FIDE regs say it should be a 4 hour session based on 60 moves when increments used.
80 min +30 sec is not adequate.
Very true Alex, but a slight adjustment to the starting times and adopting 90 mins + 30 secs is doable.
I don't mind either way but in general it should be healthy to have as many FIDE rated events in Scotland as possible.
I am just being honest, and hope this is taken as constructive criticism. I feel it needs said the entrant fees are pretty high for a weekender and not something I personally welcome. Like the majority of chess players, prize money is no motivation to myself. I can only manage 3-4 congresses max per season, and I will be more likely to opt for another congress on the calendar based on that value aspect alone.

There seems to be a new trend with weekend tournaments to have just the 3 events, MINOR-CHALLENGERS-OPEN. That's another issue also. Not sure why this is? Perhaps less work/admin for organisers, less volunteers needed? I am not a fan of this latest trend, I know of a club mate who has been put of some recent events he would have otherwise usually attended because he didn't like the grading bands. That the Largs Congress is taking this one step further with just 2 events, I do wonder if this will put some off.

Anyone over 1500 is going to have to pay the Open fees (as much as £47 with the cheapest at £40 if meet the discount criteria). Of course the choice is there not to enter, and I do wonder how many won't because of this. If your circumstances only allow the 1 overnight and a Rnd 1 Bye, its working out at £10 - £11.75 a game, before your other expenses such as travel/accommodation are applied, and that aint cheap.

I agree the tournament leaflet is cracking, best I have seen. Good to see a little bit of much needed Raz-a-ma-taz in Scottish Chess.
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