Full Version: Edinburgh Congress 2016 - Premier
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I have noticed this happening in a number of competitions and I was wondering if one of the Arbiters can explain the reason behind this.

In the final round of the Premier there are 4 players who have 3 1/2 points. They are:

Player 1 with a coloring of WBWB
Player 2 with a coloring of BWBW
Player 4 with a coloring of BWWB
Player 7 with a coloring of Bye BBW

Players 1 and 2 have already played each other.

The draw that was made was:

1 (White) vs 7 (Black)
4 (White) vs 2 (Black)

This means that player 7 ended up with 3 black, 1 white and 1 Bye and this did not give them an equalise of colours.

Can someone explain this?
In round 3 his colour is wrong! He had white (see live games). An error in the grading data.

You had me worried.

One player did end up with 3 blacks and one white and another with 3 whites and 1 black but without breaking score groups it was impossible to do anything else.
Thanks Alex for you quick response.

This makes complete sense.

I am glad you clear it up.