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Not sure if this was covered in the bond chess discussion a few months back?.. is it just me or is it a conspiracy that with any chess game on tv, they need to try and sneak an intentional error in?

Benidorm on tv other night - white square on right hand side so Q is on e1.. lost count of amount of times I have seen this.... I think they know that it winds chess players up!
Hmm, check out the board on the Hamilton Chess Club website...

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Schadenfreude is a wonderful thing :p
Not so much schadenfreude, more applicable would be a very long German word for the joy of finding out the readership is more extensive than anyone thought.
robin moore Wrote:Hmm, check out the board on the Hamilton Chess Club website...

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Thanks Robin this is what I was getting at! The people who created the stock image did not err.. it was Mick and Its now out there to see who misses it and who's nerves it gets on. Like fingernails down the black board.

Taking it one step further Benidorm it's a fold out travel board. The only way to play the board set up the correct way round is to play with fold in the middle , ie in between the king and queen.. to quote Peter Kay.. "what's all that about?"

I think we need more examples to see if it is indeed a conspiracy or simlply paranoia

Also there must also be someone on the inside who has been directly told to set it up the wrong way.
Patrick McGovern Wrote:Schadenfreude is a wonderful thing :p
Right Pat (its usually Phil) but…. you have now stumbled onto my no 2 item for room 101.. folk using words I have to google.
I thought I had heard that word before but I was getting mixed up with baldenfruede! Now I realise I have exposed myself to some opprobrium…. especially as neither of you are apostates. , (if you don’t mind me saying)
That said you do suffer from a little obduracy or should that be peripatetic? Sorry that might be a little desultory on my part and if anyone is just picking this up on this this soporific thread I apologise ..I’m certainly no polemicist.
Now my case for rom 101 is merely inchoate and you may well see it as profligacy on my part , mind don’t take this the wrong way , I am just being blithe. I certainly wouldn’t want any internecine. You may be anteduiluvian but I am more sanguine although I am usually more laconic, I think that’s my atavastic side.

Anyway.. Andy H can we get a room 101 section in the noticeboard, one where members can vote for the best one?
I thought Google was a mis-spelling of Googol.
Any one there know for sure?

I reckon Google works better than Googol for the general public. A serendipitous mistake.

Best to remember folks that the Hamilton club website exists for the benefit of existing club members and potential future members. A misaligned chess set looks like serendipity to me. (Single visit to Google should suffice Alex)

The only thing worse than people criticising your web site is people not visiting your web site.

Keep talking about Hamilton chaps. Smile
Phil Thomas Wrote:Keep talking about Hamilton chaps.

Do you mean like this Phil?

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Phil Thomas Wrote:Keep talking about Hamilton chaps. Smile

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Phil Thomas Wrote:Keep talking about Hamilton chaps. Smile

"Diddy" Hamilton

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