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Can anyone confirm date and venue for 2016?
Scotland and 2016.

No seriously. I know Alex was trying to get the new college where the Naughty Studies used to be in Glasgow at the traditional dates.

Nothing more concrete than that I'm afraid
Thanks Andy just wondering .. booking holidays etc

by the way you didn't tell me you an athletic streak!

Kept that one quiet!
If only I could move that fast these days Big Grin
Any news on this?
Date and venue are now confirmed on the website but online entry still is not working and the email that is to be used for now does not work either. Is it worth waiting? If we do wait what about the different costs of entry? Maybe it is already too late and all the fault of Chess Scotland.
Just logged into the mailbox, it is working. Managed to email both myself and the box.

I know why you are getting a bounce back. Use <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e --> it works. I have asked the webmaster for that page to remove the caps

If that still fails for some reason, you can email your entry to me, Karen or Alex.
That email does not work either. I did not think removing capitals would make any difference.
Try this: -

<!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->

seems like a slight mix up with and .com
emailed Andy Howie directly and that was ok (no reply so far though) and also the email you gave ending in .com rather than and that too seems ok but also no reply yet. I wonder if a lot of other people have had the same problem and just gave up or are still waiting for the online entry system? Thanks for your help.
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