Full Version: Game of the tournament - Oban
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Just witnessed one of *the* games of the tournament so far. Just have to share this with you

[pgn]1.e4 e5 2.Nf3[/pgn]

Draw agreed

Struggling a bit with the analysis. Can someone help?
Too complex for me Big Grin
white has the advantage in the position but is a disadvantage because he chose 1.e4 I thought the arbiters couldn't allow a quick draw
What's your take on this game from an anti-cheating perspective, Andy?

A draw may only be agreed during a game, not before. Otherwise it is match-fixing.

I suppose Black may reasonably have judged the position to be level after 2 moves.

But, hypothetically, if after say:
1. e3 a5 2. Qh5 Ra6 3. Qxa5,
Black does not take the Queen and the game is a stalemate in 10 moves, I would smell a rat.