Full Version: SNCL 2015/16 Sorry for delay
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Hi George
I do not know any history ( previous years etc ) but I am taking into account Glynis' excellent record on the forum as well as her huge contribution over the years and also her current personnel circumstances . Yes she was a bit strong and that has been noted , but there has been a lot worse over the years and when you look at other chess forums its actually a bit tame. I'm sure Glynis is aware of the upset her comments has caused you and as I've said it was a bit strong therefore if the posts were to continue in that vein then the moderators would then act. Andy Burnett is absolutely right in his comments. I will leave your account active in case you change your mind and I hope you and Glynis will sort this out at the SNCL. I mean even the title of this thread says it all
If anyone is looking for an argument, I'm available..
Alan Tate Wrote:If anyone is looking for an argument, I'm available..

No you're not! Wink
I was at the time of posting.
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