Full Version: Wolf of Badenoch tournament
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The Wolf of Badenoch tournament will he held at the Edinburgh Chess Club again this year, on the weekend of the 7th and 8th of November.

It will be open to all players graded under 1600. Participation is limited to 24 players due to the size of the venue.

More information will appear on the Chess Scotland website when the calendar is updated.
This is a great tournament and Edinburgh Chess Club is a fantastic venue. The set up with wooden boards and sets is first rate and the walls are stacked with history. It's also right in the heart of the City, so if you lose early you can wander up Princes Street and look at the Castle.

Please put my name down for it Calum, I know places fill up quickly.
David G Congalton Wrote:Please put my name down for it Calum, I know places fill up quickly.

I have put your name down. Thanks.
The places at this tournament are filling up quickly - we already have 17 out of a maximum of 24 entrants so there are only 7 spaces remaining.
In order to be certain that you will play, I am sorry to say that you will have to enter quickly. Otherwise, I can put you on a waiting list so that you might still be able to play if someone drops out.