Full Version: Motherwell V Hamilton
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During commentary there they mentioned that one of the Accies players is a former Scottish Boys Chess Champion. I didn't catch the name. Anyone know who it is?
A few possibles!
Hamilton Academical
01 McGovern
02 Gordon
04 Devlin
24 Tena Booked
15 MacDonald
07 Imrie Booked
12 Lyon Dismissed
28 Redmond (Longridge - 75' )
06 Gillespie
09 Scotland (Hasselbaink - 66' )
11 Crawford
05 Canning
14 Hasselbaink
17 Longridge
18 MacKinnon
20 Brophy
21 Docherty
29 Hill
Still none the wiser
I was at the game. Whoever it was should have stuck to Chess
Arthur Mulholland Wrote:I was at the game. Whoever it was should have stuck to Chess

the way I play chess I should have stuck to football Big Grin
Google-fu suggests Ziggy Gordon:

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Top bd - Jordanhill.
He's actually an excellent right back. Surprised we hung on to him in January.
Including last night :p