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My hard-drive crashed recently so I have got a new hard-drive, moved from windows xp to windows 7 & 150 to 500 storage. Outlook express has gone. What is its best replacement ? I am trying to reconstruct my email address book and previous emails sorted by category. Provider is Virgin Media. Checking emails via the internet leads to scrunching and little sorting so not ideal at the moment.
Personally I use my provider's webmail ( i.e. Via the Internet) but the adverts can get a bit annoying. But at least I can access it from anywhere on any device and I can't lose my address book. Google's Gmail is rightly popular and I can think of a few reasons not to use the main alternatives (e.g. Yahoo Mail or Mozilla Thunderbird). And then there's Microsoft's latest incarnation of Outlook which is the successor to Outlook Express and Windows Mail. I wouldn't look any further than those, for Windows 7. There are plenty of comparisons on the web.
windows mail which comes with windows 7 is good enough . Best is Outlook or even the free mail clients available. you should be able to get your data off the disk even if it has crashed and restore it to your you email program. It's a wee bit finicky but shouldn't be a problem. I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem to pick up a copy of outlook somewhere as part of an office suite. i'm sure I have a licensed copy of office 2007 somewhere if you need it. if you want it I will be at the SNCL this weekend and at the next meetingin March
Yes, I need to have groups e.g. "seniors" or "richardson captains" for repeat group mailings.
I use Microsoft Outlook at work and does the job although inferior in display to Outlook Express.
As far as I know , getting emails from an internet site is much harder to categorise.
It looks like I will use Microsoft Outlook and I think I will pay a local PC doctor to transfer data from one computer to another.
Of course it's the same with Chessbase files !! That's another headache.
andy if you're at the sncl look me up and we'll have a chat
chessbase isn't a problem as long as you know where your databases are. Unfortunately chessbase has a bad habit of putting your files in your local user settings. What I do is put them outside my local users settings and put them in a chess database folder. However it's not difficult either way