Full Version: Oban 2014
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After too long a break due to an injury to my right arm, we are now back in action. I should be at most congresses now and with a bit of luck will be able to do the Richardson / Spens final

Round 1 Flash Multiboard Mobile
Round 2 Flash Multiboard Mobile
Round 3 Flash Multiboard Mobile
Round 4 Flash Multiboard Mobile
Round 5 Flash Multiboard Mobile
We are going to lose board 2 in the next 20 minutes. One of the battery cells has failed Sad I need it to stay above 6 volts, it is at 6.38 as the other 5 cells frantically try to keep it going
Lost internet for a wee while there. Games apart from board 2 now up to date
Hamish Olson V Stephen Mannion is a cracker in round 2. Who needs Anand v Carlsen when we have this Big Grin

Also, didn't 27.Bxc6 win a piece?
But thanks Andy for the live games, very much appreciated! Big Grin
Announcements done in a loud voice this morning. I am a cruel man Wink