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G4 was not an option, explained at the event.
Andy McCulloch Wrote:G4 was not an option, explained at the event.

I see ....I was confused as G4 was refered to several times ..perhaps it makes the case stronger for G4 then as that might avoid the difficulties - might need to reduce starting clock times to avoid overruns
Alex Gillies Wrote:Interesting debate re 2 min rule. There are inconsistencies - perhaps this game this could be a way of clearing some of them them up.

I haven't read the detailed rules -

you're certainly getting the hang of using this notice board.

Don't let the facts get in the way of the debate.
isn't the rule basically that the claimant (white) has to prove that his opponent has "no practical winning chances" , and that for a claim to stand the claimant :

1. should be materially superior ( a rook up was mentioned before )


2. has to demonstrate that the opponent cannot win by normal means


3. demonstrates his opponent has Insufficient means to win practically


4. claims his opponent has insufficient mating material

The onus is on the claimant to demonstrate the draw and time shouldn't be a factor unless the opponent has either insufficient skills or time to complete the game.
Just been having a look into options for Dundee Congress in October.

Premier Inn Monifeith where many of us stay (right next to congress venue) has rooms for £35-£45 for every single night in the month of October.

However on Sat 10th Oct, the main overnight for the congress it happens to be £77 with no other option.

(a) Coincidence ?
(b) Inflated price because of the chess weekend ?

Can't help but think it is likely (b), unless there is something else on.

Just along the road is the Dundee East Premier Inn. It has a nice "Brewers Fayre" type pub/restaurant joined on and currently it's £35 for the Saturday night. I have stayed there previously and there are a couple of handy shops and takeaways closeby also.
Thanks Robin. I am aware there is a wealth of accommodation options including the TD's donated apartments sometimes. I don't even mind staying in Dundee.

I was really just focusing on the fact and raising attention there may be an accommodation inflating a price in the knowledge of the chess w/e. They are very aware there is chess taking place on this w/e every year, the TD has even negotiated use of facilities at a special rate (sauna, gym, etc) in the past.
Evening chaps

I've been out of touch for a bit and am just catching up.

Jonathan - I think you are absolutely right re price inflation due to the chess weekend. It's something that has happened consistently for a number of years, so it can't be coincidence. It's also why I try to keep an eye out for decent offers elsewhere so I can suggest alternatives to the Monifieth hotel - the less business they get from us the better as far as I am concerned, just because of this profiteering. Having said that I think they end up losing business because of that policy: a couple of years ago I checked their website for availability on the Friday of the weekend - they had rooms available but were still asking an inflated price. When we first came to David Lloyds (Next Generation at that time) the hotel was asking sensible prices and was filled to the point they were having to turn enquiries away (they were sent to the hotel Robin mentions).

Latest Premier Inn prices are still £35 each night at Dundee East and the same at Dundee West (about 20 minutes drive).

Latest Travelodge prices:

Dundee Centre - Fri £38, Sat £52
Strathmore Ave - Fri £30, Sat £33
Dundee (Kingsway West) - Fri £30, Sat £33
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