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I wonder if Alan lost on time yesterday Sad

He is winning in the final position and should never lose.
You wonder correct Clement :|
Congratulations to Graham Morrison on achieving an IM norm.
Congratulations Graham!!

Am I right in thinking that he now has all his norms and only needs to reach 2400 to get the title?
I believe that is correct. Race is on between Graeme and Alan to see who gets there first!
Overall it's been a highly enjoyable experience, and an absolute honour to play in this Scotland team - I don't understand why this event is not so popular with Scottish players.
Also, congrats to Graham - and it could have been an even better performance.
We finished exactly in line with seeding: 35th.
Everyone played well but Alan Tate & Graham Morrison were our star players.
At the prizegiving, awards were made for IM norms and the only country to receive these in the Open
section was Scotland. And we got both awards.
Paul took a photo of the proud victors which hopefully he will add to this site.
These guys certainly know how to play the game!

Later in the bar, Ivanchuk gave a blitz exhibition for the fans, the champagne flowed and the disco went on into the night
I'm sure Alan would have enjoyed the disco, Big Grin
Great results for Graham Morrison and Alan Tate.

In the mid 80's I remember writing somewhere Graham was going to be Scotland's
next GM. (hurry up Graham so I can say I told you so...)
Well done guys and congratulations!
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