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Entries are invited for this season's Nancy Elder tournament. Clubs can enter as many players as they want at a cost of £5 for every three entries. You don't have to go through a club though, individual entry can be made at £3 each. See this website's home page for details on how to enter.

Rules will be sent to all entrants in due course but can be downloaded now from

We had 24 entries last year and I know already that there will be at least 10 entries from Castlehill and 2 from Dundee.
Entries are still being taken but the names intimated to me so far are:

Stephen Hilton Inverclyde
John Robertson Dundee
Chris Donkin Wandering Dragons
Jim Anderson - Dundee
Declan Shafi - Castlehill
Ray Noble - Castlehill
Paul Shafi - Castlehill
John Lynch - Castlehill
Lisa Paton - Castlehill
Euan Dawson - Castlehill
Subhayu Banerjee - Castlehill
Agnijo Banerjee - Castlehill
Alex Kidd - Castlehill
Andrejs Budahs - Castlehill
Darren Maley - Dunbar
Jonathan Livingstone - Dunbar
please put me in as well Keith
put me in too Keith, thanks
Consider it done gents.
Thats a great turnout from Castlehill, over 50% of the total entrants. There seems to be a real lack of wider support and entrants for the Elder? Even my own little seaside town club is making up over 10% of the current entrants.

When is the entry deadline?

Would be good if some more members from Lothian based clubs could enter, we have a lot of chess players in this area and some big clubs.

Is the option to play Elder games via online a new initiative for this season, or did this also happen last season?
Entries by 6 October if possible but a few days later wouldn't be a problem

The internet option was initiated last year. In fact a couple of games were played this way.

Club entries will have gone to Dick Heathwood as part of club registration with CS so perhaps there will be more names to add once Dick passes that information to me. The names in this thread are just indications in advance of formal entry

Keith, out of interest, do you know what resources were used for online games? I.e. a particular website. Are Elder games played online excluded from grading?
Jonathan - I believe it was Skype (perhaps those gents could confirm?) and games played this way cannot be graded.
It was through skype indeed that Mike Mitchell and I played our match.

I use skype for a number of blind tournaments all the time!!
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