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In the AGM topic, on Aug 21st, George Neave posted:

It would be fine if we had level playing field for preparing for these games. Some time back Keith Rose suggested I make a proposal on this with Andy B. Unfortunately due to other commitments we both had over the summer this was not submitted before now. Here is where we got to:

Clubs entering the Richardson Cup should submit their team pool in board playing order. This order is entirely at discretion of the club. There is no requirement to order players based on rating taken from any grading system.
The team must, however, adhere absolutely to this board order for duration of the event.
Team pools should include a minimum 8 players and a maximum of 16 players.
Team Pools will be made available to team captains 2 weeks prior to the first round.
A team may add a maximum of 2 players to their initial pool during the course of the event on condition it does result in list size exceeding the maximum 16. Players already listed cannot be removed to “make way” for new players.
To add a new player, submission should be made to event controller indicating where this player will slot into order of existing list. Assuming eligibility criteria are met the revised list becomes effective 2 weeks after publication by the event controller. The event controller is obliged to publish the revised pool to team captains within 1 week of submission. The practical implication is a team captain will need to notify the controller 3 weeks prior to a match it they wish to play someone who is not listed in their existing team pool.

I will not be in Glasgow for the AGM but if anyone would be willing to put it to the room I would be grateful. As always would be interested to hear any feedback here also.

Can anyone say if this topic was discussed and if so what, if any, conclusions were arrived at?

Regardless of that, are there any opinions out there? If there is to be a change along these lines I'll need to know soon that there is enough support.
No, sorry, it was not discussed.

Only discussion/vote was on FIDE rating of Richards/Spens Cups
Thanks Jim.

Over to those with an interest in team line-ups. I will contact last year's captains but if team members have an opinion do let your captains know.
The latest Richardson Rules are as at September 2013. They will need to be amended for FIDE rating.
The less changes the better for me as it increases my work as controller.