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Some good results from Scottish juniors at the Gigafinals in Manchester.
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Not many Scottish juniors in the Terafinal at Loughborough but a good performance by James Hartman finishing 35th in the main U18 event and 2nd overall in the boys U9 section.

Noticed that the England Stokes team boards 1 to 4 finished 5th,13th,21st,23rd which just goes to show how strong that side was.
The clash of dates with the Commonwealth meant some withdrew before then.
PeterReidSmith Wrote:The clash of dates with the Commonwealth meant some withdrew before then.

Peter, this has always been a problem as one weekend of the Scottish always manages to clash with the Gigafinal. I have previously advised Mike Basman of the problem but they dont seem to be able to move their dates but do alternate between two weekends. Unfortunately, one always manages to clash.

For many years now Scottish juniors have taken byes from the Scottish to enable them to still take part.
And no we can't change the date of the Scottish as it would then clash with the Glorney, South Wales or British!
So for those of us who don't quite know how to work out which week(s) the Scottish fits into - What is the start date of the 2015 Scottish? I can't see it listed on the calendar either
Until the venue is confirmed we can't give a date. Annual report page 19 "Scottish Open 2015
I am working on finding a venue in Edinburgh for next year’s Scottish Open".

When venue has been agreed then dates will be forthcoming. It is normally within the first 2 weeks of July
Thanks Andy.

To be helpful in my own miniscule way I just collected a few dates from the official council websites on when Schools break up:

Wed 24 Jun - S.Lanarkshire, Glasgow
Thu 25 Jun - Fife/Tayside/Angus, N.Lanarkshire
Fri 26 June - Edinburgh, West Lothian, Stirlingshire, S.Ayrshire, N.Ayrshire
Wed 01 Jul - Borders
Thu 02 Jul - Perth & Kinross
Fri 03 Jul - East Lothian, Midlothian, Aberdeenshire

There is maybe a few council areas missing (apologies to those not included), but it gives a good picture.

It will not be in June. This year was an exception
Yeh, , I wasn't proposing any changes, just pointing out that the clash might have diluted Scottish attendance (Robin's observations) at one or t'other - in our case I just withdrew Sarah and Rachel from the Basman event (Rachel won the regional qualifier and Sarah qualified - I guess they might have done quite well). To be honest, though, I don't think we'll attend that in future anyway ; I have reservations about the way it is run.
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