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List of donors

Updated 02 August 2014


Chess Scotland wishes to record its sincere thanks to everyone who has contributed in various ways to make the 2014 Glorney Cup competition possible. Particular mention should be made of the very substantail amount given by the Scottish Junior Chess Association Educational Trust (SJCAET).  The financial donors included the following; a number of other donors preferred to remain anonymous.

Please advise any errors/ommissions to Scottish Organisers


  A Armstrong  
  Hugh Brechin  
  Gerry Brown  
  David G Congalton  
  David Deary  
  Jeremy Hughes  
  Alan Jelfs  
  George Livie  
  Lothian Junior Chess  
  Alan McGowan  
  Craig Pritchett  
  William Reid  
  Jonathan Rowney  
  Scottish Correspondence Chess Association  
  Chris Sykes  
  Stephen Taylor  
  Tim Upton  
  Norman Waugh  
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