Chess Scotland will apply the follow considerations in identifying individuals who could qualify as being eligible for representing Scotland in international chess events. In formulating these four considerations, due account has been taken of the relevant FIDE rules and the particular circumstances of defining Scottish nationality. Of course, anyone who qualifies under these considerations would then be subject to the selection processes whereby national teams are selected from the pool of eligible players.

It is not the purpose of this document to set out the various selection processes that are adopted from time to time for juniors and adult players.

There are four eligibility considerations as follows: -

• Was the player born in Scotland?

• Were either or both of the player’s parents born in Scotland?

• If the player is 18 or more years old, has he/she been permanently resident in Scotland for at least two years (if a junior, that is under 18, the equivalent time is one year)?

• Has the player been previously accepted as qualifying for Scottish representation?

A positive response to any one (or more) of the above four questions would mean that the player (a) would be eligible and their name could be considered in the context of selection processes and (b) could include their name as being a Scottish player on any international list such as FIDE.

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