Tom Borland Photo Archive

The following photographs were provided by Tom Borland - thanks to Mel Burt of Bearsden CC for passing them on.

Corrections and suggestions as to identification are welcomed.

The Ayr team at the Inter-County Jamboree, Rhuallan House, Giffnock, 17 June 1967
(L-R): P.B. Anderson, G. Schenkel, T. Borland, H. E. Osenbaugh.
In front: J. Lumsden, T. Kinninmont


Tom Borland - Victor Gaba at the Bothwell Congress, April 1969


Glasgow Congress 1969
In row nearest camera (l-r): Graham Sharp, Tom Borland (beard) and Ian Meiklejohn
Next row, holding head, Malcom Tyre, Cathcart CC, then David Findlay. Next may be David Bentley.


Bothwell Congress 28-30 March, 1970
(L-R) Back: J. Lumsden, I. Mavor.
In front of Lumsden is Jim Robertson, Nigel Rose (centre), John Johnstone, Roddy Mckay.
Others: ?, Peter Watson, Jim Doyle, S.C. Hamilton, Michael Rosenberg, Graham Patterson, Ben Sauvé, R. Clapham, S. Irving, Tom Borland

Corrections/suggestions welcomed. Other players: R. Amos, K.A. Brown, P. Johnstone, J. Simpson, J. Taylor


The Ayr team, winners of the 1970 Spens Cup
(L-R): D.Findlay, D.Bentley, S.Hamilton, J. Lumsden, T. Borland, J.A. Sellars, J.M. Douglas


Glasgow Congress 1970


Circa 1970: The Ayr Knights, winners of the Dunlop trophy, presented by Mrs McCloskey
The trophy is held by Tom Borland (2nd from right). David Findlay is 2nd from left.


Lanarkshire Easter Congress, Blantyre 1971
Tom Borland and Raj Bhopal


Ayr Academy v Ayr CC select, Prestwick, 20 June 1971
L-R: D. Bentley (doorway), E. Stevenson, J.M. Douglas, J. Lumsden, T. Borland, S.C. Hamilton


Scottish Chess Association Congress, July 1971
J.M. Douglas nearest camera, with Tom Borland (left) playing W. McLean.


Lanarkshire Congress 1972


The Ayr team at Edinburgh Chess Club's 150th year Jubilee Tournament, September 1972
L-R: David Findlay, David Bentley, Jim Lumsden, Tom Borland


Scottish Chess Association Congress, July 1976
Tom Borland (left), then A. Beveridge and A. Reid


Glasgow Congress, September 1976 - Reserves Tournament
L-R: Angus Lamond, A. Beveridge, ?, ?, J. Coffey, Tom Borland, M.P. Roberts
3rd and 4th from left may be I. Lamont and J.C. Parkes, who shared 1st-3rd with J. Coffey


Compiled by Alan McGowan