George McGowan

4 July 1935 - 27 December 1990

  • On the team of Holyrood Secondary School, winner of the Glasgow Schools' League 1953.
  • Member of Polytechnic CC, Glasgow.
  • Board 1 for Polytechnic on the team that won the Richardson Cup 1957.
  • On the Glorney Cup team 1953.
  • Played Keres in 1955 simultaneous display (Keres signed his copy of Modern Chess Openings).
  • Member of Scotland's team at the Moscow Olympiad 1956 (some game references from this Olympiad may show him as MacGovan).
  • Played in the Scottish Championship 1957.

Mr McGowan was a management consultant with PA Consulting. He was involved in the setup of Strathclyde Regional Council and was subsequently employed by them as Director of Management Services. Other hobbies - enjoyed all sports, particularly golf.

Sources: CHESS March 1952, p 116; Scottish Chess No. 121, March 1991, p 22. The latter article commented on the 1957 Richardson Cup final, won by Polytechnic. It also mentioned the Mr McGowan had a wife [Helen] and three sons. [The Chess Scotland historian is not related.]

David Kinsler, who played alongside George McGowan at Holyrood School, Polytechnic CC, and on the Glorney Cup team of 1953, provided the additional information that after George completed his degree in Classics at Glasgow University, he did two years National Service.

Thanks to Ken and Alasdair McGowan for additional information about their father.

Alan McGowan
Historian, Chess Scotland