Armins Lerchs

A Latvian refugee from WWII who studied civil engineering at Aberdeen University. Associated with the Bon Accord CC in that city. He is sometimes referred to as Armin Lerch.

Photo extracted from a group shot of the British Universities' Congress, Bristol, 1952.

  • played in the Scottish Championships 1952, 1953, 1954 and 1955.
  • in 1952, he scored 5½/9, losing only to the winner Aitken.
  • in 1954 (age 24, according to the BCM), he scored 7½/11, losing only to P.B. Anderson, the winner, and Dr Rose.
  • he played in the 1952 British Universities Chess Association Congress at Bristol.
  • on the Bon Accord team that lost the 1954 Richardson Cup final.
  • by 1955, according to a Glasgow Herald chess column, he was in business in Brussels.
  • the January 1952 issue of Chess, p 77, mentioned a report in La Nation Belge, Brussels, of a match between R.F. Combe (British Champion 1946) and A. Lerchs, won by the latter 1½-½.

Roll of Graduates of the University of Aberdeen, 1926-1955
LERCHS, Armin         B.Sc. (eng) 1954
S. of Helmut L., M.L. (Riga) barrister, and Mrs. L., M.L. (Riga); b. Leipaja, Latvia, 10 Sept. 1929.
Cons. eng. :  for Prof. Verdeyen  & Poenart. Cons. engineers, Brussels 1954: in indust. Organis. For Bureau Ingeco Gambert, Brussels, and organised for this firm coal and sulphur mines, textile industries, etc. in Spain 1955; in indust. & admin. Organis. in Egypt for various firms 1957.

Roll of Graduates of the University of Aberdeen, 1956-1970.  With supplement  Graduates pre-1956
LERCHS, Armin          B.Sc. (eng) 1954
Bureau Ingeco Gombert ; man. Consult. tech dir. Cairo. Alexandria 1957-59, dir Lisbon 1959-66' Ingeco Gombert Portuguesa : chmn board of dir Lisbon, Luanda, Lourenco Marques, Rio de Janeiro from 1966.
m Alexandria Egypt 20.3.59 Alice B. Djanian d of Sarkis D.

Sources: BCM's; Glasgow Herald chess columns; CHESS, September 1952, p 239 (photo extract); Roll of Graduates of the University of Aberdeen, 1926-1955 and 1956-1970.

Alan McGowan
Historian, Chess Scotland