George Hume

16 December 1862, Leith SCO- 14 January 1936, Nottingham ENG

When only 2 years of age Hume's father died and the the family moved to Hastings. Early in his life he joined the teaching profession but later moved to Nottingham and entered business, which restricted his time available for chess.

After his retirement in 1916 he returned to his hobby. He was widely known as a chess problem composer, solver and editor of Alain C. White's "Christmas Series" of chess problem books. Also, because of his classified collection of problems, he was consulted by chess editors and organizers of Problem Composing tournaments with regards to matters of 'originality' and 'anticipation'.

A collection of his own problems, Changing Fashions, was published in the A.C.W. series in 1925.

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Compiled by
Alan McGowan