Mrs Ranee Patricia Foggie (née Alcock)

26 November 1910, London - 2002

Mrs Foggie was born in London and was always known as Pat. Her mother, Lillian Alcock (1874-1972), was a botanist; there is a plaque in her memory on Inverleith Row, Edinburgh.

Patricia married Angus Foggie in 1936 in Kirkcaldy district and they later had three children, Janet, David and Leslie. The family lived at 10 Dean Park Crescent, Edinburgh, later moving to Davidson's Mains. (David also had an interest in chess and was later involved with Greenock Chess Club.)

Mrs Foggie held a PhD and worked as a demonstrator in the labs at the University of Edinburgh after the war.

Scottish Ladies' Champion 1953 (at her first attempt) and 1955.

In 1953 Mrs Foggie won the event, which was held at Edinburgh Chess Club from April 3-11, with a score of 4/5. Her nearest rivals, Mrs T.R. Harvey and Mrs M. Hepburn, both had 2½.

The 1955 event was held at the Pre-Nursing College in Aberdeen from July 15-22. It was a double-round all-play-all tournament with four entries. Mrs Foggie scored 4½/6, followed by Mrs Steedman with 3½.

Mrs Foggie (with Mrs Steedman) represented Scotland at the 1st Women's Chess Olympiad at Emmen in the Netherlands in 1957. Mrs Foggie scored 3/11 in what must have been a very hard tournament for both ladies.

Mrs Foggie (right) and Mrs Steedman at the 1st Women's Olympiad 1957.

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Rev. Dr Janet Foggie (granddaughter): personal information and photograph.

Compiled by Alan McGowan