Scottish Chess Clubs in 1889

Source: Chess Player's Annual and Club Directory 1889
Edited by Mr and Mrs T.B. Rowland
Dublin: 9, Victoria Terrace, Clontarf

Compiled by Alan McGowan

The name of the Club is given in italics, and is followed by the date of its formation. Details may also include venue, meeting times, number of members, cost of subscription and office-bearers.

Note the number of times that the name of J.D. Chambers occurs. John D. Chambers was born c. 1842 and died in Cardiff in 1930. He was Scottish champion in 1891. He clearly did an immense amount of work to promote game of chess, assisting in the formation of chess clubs across the country.

At then end, I have listed the Scottish publications containing chess in 1889.

1887 - Milnes' Library, 1, Crown Street; Tues., Thur., Sat., 6 p.m. Members 20. Subn. 10s 6d. Pres. Rev. R. Semple. Sec. A.I. McConnochie, 1, East Craibstone Street.
Corn Exchange News-room, 1850 - 7, Hadden Street; every evening. Members 30. Subn. 5s. Sec. A.I. McConnochie, 1, East Craibstone Street.

Airdrie, 1886 - 8, East High Street; Mon; 7 p.m. Members 35. Ent fee 5s. Subn. 5s. Pres. Robert Watt, Solicitor. Sec. Colin Brown, Solicitor, 14, Broomknoll Street.

Auchtermuchty, 1887 - Members 40. Address Hon. Sec.

Strathmore, 1875 - Members' Houses. Members 9. Subn. 2s 6d. Pres. Dr J.C. Rattray, Coral Bank, Rattray. Sec. Rev. F.W. Davis, The Parsonage.

1879 - Reading Room; daily. Members 40. Pres.: J.D. Chambers, 25, Kilmailing Terrace, Old Cathcart, Glasgow. Sec.: Geo. Sunderland, Brora.

BERWICK (wrongly shown as Burwick in the book)
1880 - Reading Room; daily. Members 30. Pres.: J.D. Chambers. Sec. G.L. Miller.

1880 - At Members' Houses. Members' 15. Subn. 2s 6d. Sec. John S. Pagan, Rockclyffe.

CUPAR (Fife)
Fife - Duncan's Institute; 7-30 p.m. Members 17. Ent. fee 5s. Pres. Capt. Brennan. Sec. Dr Douglas.

Dalmellington, 1870 - Black Bull Hotel; daily. Members 80. Pres. J.D. Chambers. Sec. Wm. Stewart.

1847 - 38, High Street; daily. Members 73. Subn. 10s 6d. Pres. William N. Walker, F.G.S. Secs. W.A. Clark and H.T. Baxter.

EARLSTON (Berwickshire)
Earlston, 1880 - Members' Houses. Members 12. Pres. J. Mackenzie. Sec. J. Dunn.

1822 - 4, Queen Street; daily. special, Thur., 7 p.m. Members 45. Subn. to Phil. Inst. £1 1s, chess ent. fee 10s 6d., subn. 10s 6d. Pres. Christopher Meikle. Sec. Rev. George McArthur, M.A., 27, Newington Road.
Draughts and Chess,
1880 - Working Men's Club, 7, Royal Exchange; daily, 8 a.m.; special, Wed. 7-30 p.m. and Sat., 7 p.m. Members 12. Ent. fee 6d., subn. 4s 4d., visitors 1d.

1885 - New Club; daily. Members 40. Pres. J.D. Chambers. Sec. J. Cormack, dentist, Elgin.

1863 - Red Lion Hotel; Mon. and Thur., 8 p.m. Oct. to Mar. Members 28. Ent. fee 2s 6d., subn. 5s.

Fort William,
1818 - Members' Houses. Members 10. Pres. J.D. Chambers. Sec. D. Frasir.

1870 - Arlington Baths, Arlington Street; daily. Members 40. Subn. £3 3s. Sec. J. MacLean
Central Club, 1860 - 34, Trongate; daily. Members 60. Subn. 5s. Sec. John Court, 105, Shields Road, Glasgow.
Glasgow, 1840 - Athenaeum; daily. Members 80. Subn. 32s. Pres. Walter C. Spens. Sec. Wm. Black.
Pollockshields Bath - Wed. and Fri., 7 p.m.
Queen's Park, 1873 - Young Men's Christian Institute, Crosshill; Tues. and Fri., 8 p.m. Members 30. Subn. 8s. Pres. J. Robertson. Sec. W.H. MOrris, 3, Wendover Crescent, Mount Florida, Glasgow.
St. Margaret's - 13, Eglington [sic] Street; evening, 7 p.m.
South Side - 306, Paisley Road; afternoon and evening.

1882 - reading Room; daily. Members 20. Pres. J.D. Chambers. Sec. J. Stewart, Sheriff's Office, Golspie.

GOUROCK (Greenock)
Gourock, 1887. Members 40.

1878 - Members' Houses. Members 14. Pres. J.D. Chambers. Sec. A. Vernon.

1870 - Club Room; daily. Members 30.

1840 - Caledonian Hotel; Members 20. Pres. J.D. Chambers. Sec. P. Waack, Ceylon Cottage, Old Edinburgh Road, Inverness.

Islay Chess Association,
1884 - School House, Port Ellen; Fri., 7 p.m. Members 40. Pres. J.D. Chambers. Sec. Joseph Mackenzie, Ardbeg, Port Ellen, Islay.

1885 - Conservative and Liberal Clubs. Members 15. Subn. 5s. Pres. Thos. Chalmers. Sec. T.H. Reid, Perthshire Constitutional Office.

1880 - Episcopalian House; Members 20. Pres. Rev. Conon. Secs. Alex. Rae, Northern Ensign Office; A. Larnoch, Telegraphist, Wick.

- Daily. Members 20. Pres. David MacBrayne, Shipowner, 119, Hope Street, Glasgow. Sec. The Purser.

- Daily. Members 20. Pres. David MacBrayne, Shipowner, 119, Hope Street, Glasgow. Sec. The Purser.

Publications containing chess

Art and Literature - Glasgow: Maclure, Macdonald & Co., 2, Bothwell Circus. Monthly 1s.
Glasgow Weekly Citizen - Fri. 1d.
Glasgow Weekly Herald - Sat. 1d
Northern Figaro - Aberdeen: Gibson & Thomson, 12, Correction Wynd. Sat. 1d.
Pen and Pencil - Glasgow: Maclure, Macdonald & Co., 2, Bothwell Circus. Sat. 1d


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