Scottish Championship 1959

The sixty-sixth annual congress of the Scottish Chess Association was held in the Glasgow CC (July 17th to 24th). The Scottish Championship, somewhat weakened by the absence of both W.A. Fairhurst and Dr J.M. Aitken, present title-holder, resulted in a well deserved, but rather unexpected victory for Peter Coast. He scored 5½ (out of 7), in front of (2-3) G.A. Dickson and N.A. Macleod 4½; (4) G. Bonner 4; (5-6) M. Freeman and T. McKelvie 3½; (7) Lt.-Col. W.G. Irvine-Fortescue 1½ (8) D.R. Thomson 1.

British Chess Magazine 1959, September, p 264.

Compiled by
Alan McGowan