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City Inn, Glasgow Sunday 14 August 2005



Members of Council:

JM Glendinning (chair), G Anderson, L Barnes, DM Bryson, S Collins, T Donohue, G Grant, W Marshall, A McFarlane, LR McKenzie, D Wilson and K Stewart (minutes).



Apologies had been received from the following: - GA Clarke, DL Gillespie, A Howie, C Macgregor, I Mackintosh, P Macnab, S O'Donnell, C Pritchett, R Tweedie



The Minutes of the previous Council Meeting, 9 April 2005, were approved.






J Glendinning reported that several meetings of the group appointed at the previous Council meeting (J Glendinning, S O'Donnell and A Howie) had taken place and that these had been generally very positive. Unfortunately, the others from the group could not be present on this occasion. He invited T Donohue to read out a statement from M Hanley which was stated to be on behalf of SJC. The statement indicated that a number of areas which the group of three considered agreed were not acceptable to SJC. After the statement was read J Glendinning commented in detail on its contents and rebutted a number of the claims made therein. He planned to prepare a more detailed rebuttal for possible wider circulation.

After extensive discussion of the way forward it was agreed that the following would be posted on the website:

Council supports the efforts of the President and others (including, most recently, Stephen O'Donnell and Andy Howie) to reach agreement with SJC, a process which had assisted in some productive developments. At our meeting on 14 August, however, we concluded that further progress was not possible at present.

Council noted that, despite input to the new constitution, SJC has not proposed any candidates for CS positions. Council reminds SJC and others that there remains a process for informal indications of interest in vacant positions.



Since the notice of the AGM in Scottish Chess had created some uncertainty, the President asked Council to make clear the procedure for election of office bearers at the AGM so that there should be no doubt regarding the process. After discussion Council agreed the statement:

The AGM cannot constitutionally accept as properly nominated any candidate put forward after August 7th (as the constitution states that 3 weeks notice is required). The AGM will decide whether such properly nominated candidates are acceptable for these positions. The Management Board will make appointments to any unfilled posts. Anyone wishing to be considered for the unfilled posts should email by 20th August. Those who applied after August 7th will be considered to have already done this. After that the names of those who have expressed such an interest will be displayed on the Chess Scotland website prior to the AGM.



Discussion took place on what junior events should be run in the forthcoming season and on the general approach to junior events. It was agreed that a programme of junior events should be run and that detail would be decided by the Junior Board to take office after the AGM.



1.YouthLink: It was agreed that contacts should be developed with this body. The Treasurer would liaise with the new Junior Director regarding this.

2. Council warmly congratulated Jonathan Rowson on his successful defence of the British Championship.

3. A request for affiliation by the Chess Arbiters' Association was approved.


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