Scotland Teams in Istanbul

GM Jonathan Rowson

Scotland’s highest rated player and newest GM, Jonathan is an Oxford graduate currently playing chess professionally. Scottish Champion in 1999, Jonathan’s most recent result was this July when he shared first place in the strong Canadian Open Championship

GM Paul Motwani

Now a resident in Brussels with his wife and child, Paul has won the Scottish Championship five times (in 1978 [the youngest-ever winner at 16 years. 1 month], 1986, 1987, 1992 and 1993). Paul was Scotland’s first grandmaster and first holder of a world chess title - the 1978 World Under-17 Championship. He returned to active play in July this year with a 2605 rating performance at Staffordshire Millennium Tournament.

GM Colin McNab

Colin’s grandmaster title was confirmed at the Philippines in the same World Chess Federation meeting which confirmed Paul Motwani’s GM title. Scotland’s most active GM over the last few years, and Scottish Champion four times - in 1983, 1991, 1993 and 1995. Colin has also held the Commonwealth championship.

IM John Shaw

The reigning joint Scottish Champion, joining an exclusive group of players whose names appear three times or more on the championship trophy (having previously won in 1995 and 1998). John’s commitment secured the IM title after several near misses, with recent performance approaching GM level

IM Steve Mannion

Scotland’s most active IM over the last few years, and Scottish Champion in 1990 and 1995. The Player of the Year for 2000.

IM Douglas Bryson

Scottish champion in 1996 and 1997, and an ICCF correspondence GM, Douglas also edited Scottish Chess until recently and continues both as chief grader for the Scottish Chess Association and webmaster of its popular website, scottishchess.com

Captain: Alan Minnican

An employee with Standard Life Assurance, Alan is no stranger to international competition but will be acting as captain for the first time at the Olympiad.

WFM Helen Milligan

Helen became our first Women’s FIDE Master with a fine result at the FIDE Zonal in Italy (Aosta) in May 1999, and has represented Scotland in several Olympiads

WFM Elaine Rutherford

Elaine become our second WFM when she won the World Women’s Amateur Championship in Hastings at the beginning of 1999. Her most recent result was a highly creditable score of 4.5/9 in this year’s Scottish Championship

Carey Wilman

Scored an excellent result at the European Team Championships in Batumi and, nearer home, at the Edinburgh congress (including a win against World Womens Championship contender Keti Arakhamia-Grant)

Heather Lang

Playing in her third Olympiad, Heather has been concentrating on her PhD at Oxford this year so has limited her playing mainly to the 4NCL and English County Championships. She consistently finished in the top 10 or so in European and World Girls Championships

Captain: Paul Roberts

Fresh from a good playing performance at the European Individual Championships in Italy, Paul also brings experience of captaining when he acted as captain at the European Team Championships in Batumi earlier this year.

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Photo Credits: Rowson, McNab, Shaw, Bryson, Rutherford by Mike Shepherd. Motwani and Milligan by JBH. Lang and Wilman by Helen Milligan.