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Richardson Cup 1966-1967

Main Tournament

In a repeat of the teams and score from the previous final, Glasgow CC establish yet another new record with their 5th successive win of the tournament, a record which survives to this day (2001) and which looks unlikely to be broken in the near future. A second student team, this time from the UKs oldest seat of learning at St. Andrews, makes a fleeting appearance in the tournament.

Round 1 Round 2 Semi Final Final
Dundee 4 Dundee ½ Glasgow University Union (S) Glasgow University Union (S) 3
St Andrews University (P) 3
  Glasgow University Union (S)
Bon Accord 5 Bon Accord 3 Edinburgh (S)
Clackmannan County 2
  Edinburgh (S) 4
Griffin (P) Griffin (P) Glasgow (H) 4 Glasgow (H) 4
Edinburgh Central
  Glasgow (S)
Polytechnic Polytechnic Polytechnic 3
Civil Service
  Cathcart (S)

(P) - Promoted from the previous season's Spens Cup.
(H) - Holders
(S) - Other Seeded teams

Relegation Tournament

Round 1 Relegated
Clackmannan County w/o St Andrews University (P)
St Andrewss University (P) scr
Edinburgh Central 3 Edinburgh Central
Civil Service 4