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Richardson Cup 1965-1966

Main Tournament

Another close final for Glasgow CC this time against the students of Glasgow University Union who make their first appearance in the final, but cannot stop Glasgow establishing a record 4th successive win. The two promoted clubs rapidly return whence they came.

Glasgow University Union's feat in reaching the final surpasses Clackmannan County's passage to the Semi Finals in 1963. They are the first club new to the Richardson post war to reach the final. Cathcart's achievement in reaching the semi-finals is another indication of the 'new broom' of clubs achieving success.

Round 1 Round 2 Semi Final Final
Glasgow University Union 5 Glasgow University Union Glasgow University Union Glasgow University Union 3
Pressed Steel (P) 2
  Polytechnic (S)
Cathcart 5 Cathcart 5 Cathcart
Clackmannan County 2
  Dundee (S) 2
Civil Service 4 Civil Service Edinburgh (S) 2 Glasgow (H) 4
Falkirk (P) 3
  Edinburgh (S)
Edinburgh Central Bon Accord Glasgow (H) 5
Bon Accord
  Glasgow (H)

(P) - Promoted from the previous season's Spens Cup.
(H) - Holders
(S) - Other Seeeded teams

Relegation Tournament

Round 1 Relegated
Clackmannan County 5 Pressed Steel (P)
Pressed Steel (P) 2
Edinburgh Central Falkirk (P)
Falkirk (P)