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Richardson Cup 1963-1964

Main Tournament

Glasgow CC continue their run with the second of 5 successive Richardson Cup wins with another victory over Edinburgh, the 24th time they have met in the final, but the last for 18 years. Newly promoted Cathcart start a long run in the tournament, unbroken at the time of writing in 2001. Losing Spens finalists Knightswood decline their place in the tournament and a playoff takes place between relegated Ardrossan and Falkirk for their place, which is won by the latter, extending their stay by just one more year.

This was also a year of some administrative changes. The tie-break of elimination in the replay is replaced by board count - still in a replay. The time control is also changed from 20 moves in 1 hour to 40 moves in 2 hours, despite some bizarre feeling at the deciding meeting that this would favour the stronger players !

Falkirk 6
Ardrossan 1

Round 1 Round 2 Semi Final Final
Dundee Dundee 5 Dundee Glasgow (H) 5
  Clackmannan County (S) 2
Bon Accord w/o Bon Accord ½ Glasgow (H)
Glasgow University Union scr
  Glasgow (H)
Polytechnic 5 Polytechnic 4 Polytechnic Edinburgh (S) 2
Wardie Residents 2
  Civil Service (S) 3
Griffin Cathcart (P) Edinburgh (S)
Cathcart (P)
  Edinburgh (S)

(P) - Promoted from the previous season's Spens Cup.
(H) - Holders
(S) - Other Seeeded teams

Relegation Tournament

Round 1 Relegated
Griffin 4 Wardie Residents
Wardie Residents 3
Glasgow University Union Falkirk