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Sensory Board Donation

Chess Scotland is starting a fundraising exercise to buy some new sensory boards for use in tournaments. All sections, from Minor to Open, will get the use of these boards. Discussion on the topic can be found here.


The SJCAET Educational Trust supports young Scottish players, and is a tax-efficient medium for donations to aid the development of Junior Chess. For more details please visit

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Lothians Allegro
Sunday 15/01/2017 - Sunday 15/01/2017
Tournament Entry Form
Address: The Quay, 131 New Street,
Fisherrow Harbour,
EH21 6DH
Start Date: Sunday 15/01/2017
End Date: Sunday 15/01/2017

Qty Rounds: 5

Events: Open, Challenger, Major, Minor
Entries to:
Entry form now available. This new venue is suitable for wheelchair users and is at The Quay, 131 New Street, Fisherrow Harbour, Musselburgh EH21 6DH
How to find venue

Pnum Name Club Grade
Open [22]
Rob Colston Bearsden(e)20100
4858IM Stephen R Mannion Paisley2365
6191FM Alan Tate Wandering Dragons2336
26435FM Luis J Sanchez Botella Hamilton2316
3547Patrick Coffey Hamilton2224
5555IM Mark J L Orr Wandering Dragons2166
18347RobColston Bearsden(e)2100
5882Willie Rutherford Edinburgh1954
15018Michael Ridge Edinburgh1915
6473Douglas Will Grangemouth1913
14599Raymond Wynarczyk England1912
24356Fabio Biancalana Badgers Brook1879
22505Robert Kane Edinburgh1861
26048Andre Antunes Edinburgh1857
6799WFM Carey A Groves Wandering Dragons1856
24271Max N Turner Berwick1848
5828Stephen Robinson Ardrossan1829
19640Declan Shafi Castlehill1809
18892Chris James Dunbar1791
6336Duncan Walker Edinburgh West1787
22551Jake M Sanger Prestwick1619
27082Aravind Kumar Wandering Dragons(e)1257
Challenger [21]
4629Richard J P Kynoch Wandering Dragons1865
7142John Calder Troon1837
4756David J MacConnell Badgers Brook1812
9448Ewan Taylor Wandering Dragons1802
6863WFM Joy Durno Newmachar1775
7590Richard G Carter Wandering Dragons1762
7999Christopher McIntee Edinburgh1725
12843Chris Sykes Corstorphine1722
13295Sandy Storey Edinburgh University1721
4015Joe Galbraith Musselburgh1719
5223Stephen G McQuillan Hamilton1700
3403Alistair W I Campbell Edinburgh West1693
16223Chris Linskaill Sandy Bells1691
15458Michael Ash Musselburgh1682
26268Adria Borras Carbonell Bank of Scotland1651
5319Mark Monaghan Cumbernauld1624
9972Michael J Roth Perth1621
15014Charles Gunn-Russell Balerno1580
11202Kathleen Rutherford Ninewells1540
3143Simon Bate Edinburgh Civil Service1499
22809Benjamin Ridge Tiger Cubs757
Major [31]
3020A Keith Aitchison Edinburgh1590
3765Chris Donkin Wandering Dragons1578
8748Graeme R Russell Bank of Scotland1576
9179William B Gray Grangemouth1565
4313Douglas S Heatlie Edinburgh Civil Service1550
5670David A Potts Bellshill1515
5433Frankie Murray East Kilbride1511
17778Howard Nimmo Wandering Dragons1503
5147Stuart McKinney Gorgie Dalry1492
21109Andrew Clark Pentland Hills1471
5568Frank Park Troon1467
5607Walter J Pearson Pentland Hills1463
5949John Shankland Irvine1461
22822Vipin Zamvar Edinburgh1461
4775Siegrun Macgilchrist Ayr1453
24635Rakhel K Parida Corstorphine1444
20808Adam Walkowiak Wandering Dragons1433
27216Antoni Kusnierz Bank of Scotland(e)1431
3774Peter J Doris Bank of Scotland1419
8024David Brodie Stirling1396
13560Gilbert Alomenu Glasgow Polytechnic1389
11731James Turner Bank of Scotland1378
18587Calum McGillivray Edinburgh1373
27453Chihon Ley Polanco Edinburgh University(e)1372
4312Richard Heathwood Pentland Hills1355
24918Ruairidh McKay Musselburgh1276
25245Edward McCosh Wandering Dragons1202
24546Jonathan McKay North Juniors1101
3764Anne Donkin Wandering Dragons997
23999Matthew Billcliff Bearsden756
Chihon Ley U/G
Minor [39]
9580Ronald J Dunnet Musselburgh1276
8736Bernard Cassidy Hamilton1263
27082Aravind Kumar Wandering Dragons(e)1257
27092Alan Buchan Edinburgh(e)1256
4596David King Musselburgh1200
9049Stephen Ritchie Wandering Dragons1197
24917Niels Billcliff Bearsden1195
6286John Topping Cathcart1155
9743David Watson Corstorphine1147
14266Mark J Smith Edinburgh1132
3672Alastair P Dallas Dumfries1122
5254Peter D Middleton Sandy Bells1058
24225David Galbraith Musselburgh960
25318Mohammad Lone Ninewells946
9746James D Crerar Corstorphine946
9973John Shovlin Perth939
4243Chris R Hampton Wandering Dragons937
25210Joe Dobson George Heriot's848
25273Alasdair Sandham Low Port PS758
23636Sergi Mackinlay-Vich Sciennes PS755
25996Arina Dobryden Tiger Cubs719
26317Sahib Kohli Glasgow Academy716
25200Chelsea Liang Nigel Short Chess Society714
25272David Sandham Linlithgow Academy639
26014Aiden M J Clarke Edinburgh St Peter's575
26103Murdo McLaurin Nigel Short Chess Society573
26018Richard Zhang Edinburgh St Peter's539
24538Florence Wilson Flora Stevenson PS398
26305Gia Kohli Glasgow Academy299
25991Cole Turnbull Sciennes PS278
8329Niall Fergusson EdinburghU/G
Aravind Kumar Wandering DragonsU/G
26807Andrew Cowan Edinburgh residentU/G
27313Jennifer Wilson Edinburgh residentU/G
27442William Reed MusselburghU/G
22769Marie Shafi Carse of GowrieU/G
Niall Simpson U/G
Graham Wilson CorstorphineU/G
27698Graham Wilson CorstorphineU/G