Parliament congratulates Chess Scotland

Best Game Prize

Chess Scotland is pleased to announce that Lord Kirkwood is once again sponsoring a best game prize.  £250 will be awarded to the winner of what is judged to be the best game played.


The organisers were certainly celebrating when it was announced that a bid for a National Lottery Grant had been accepted.  The grant was awarded as part of the Commonwealth Games celebration activities.

Scottish Parliament Motion

Murdo Fraser the MSP for Mid-Scotland and Fife moved the motion below which was approved by the Scottish Parliament:

That the Parliament congratulates Chess Scotland on its achievement in bringing the Commonwealth Chess Championships to Scotland in July 2014; expresses excitement as this will be the first world class chess event to be held in Scotland since 1867; recognizes the educational benefits of playing chess such as improving intellectual development, strategic thinking, problem solving, and concentration are realised by the people of Scotland; understands that recent research indicates playing chess helps to reduce the effects of Alzheimer’s; considers chess to be an ancient Scottish pastime as indicated by the Lewis chessmen found on the Isle of Lewis date chess in Scotland to the 12th Century; welcomes the promotion of such a worthwhile activity and encourages chess players to carry on in their enjoyment of the game.

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