Welcome to the 119th Scottish Chess Championships.

Due to the magnificent gesture of our anonymous benefactor this year's Scottish promises to be one of the best ever.

The target is to have 10 GMs and 10 IMs taking part in the combined Championship and International Open.

All of Scotland's titled players are being contacted with their invitation to take part.

The dates are 7th to 15th July 2012.

Incorporated in the Open will be the Scottish Championship, the Scottish Senior Championship and the Scottish Boys and Girls Championships.

Other events will be the U1750 and U1500 Championships, the Scottish U1750 Senior Championship (7th-13th July) and a full weekend programme (13th-15th July).

"The Scottish Championships are steeped in history. The first Championship was staged in 1884 and, other than during both world wars, the event has been held every year since, making it the world's oldest continuous chess event. Guinness records record that the Netherlands Championship started in 1873 but did not become an annual tournament until 1957. The Welsh Championship began in 1955 and the English have only had a Championship for the last few years. Irish records give its first Championship in 1865 but the winner appears to have been born in 1855. As an annual tournament it has been running since 1946."

Last Year's Event

The Life Care Centre in Edinburgh provided an excellent venue for the 118th Scottish Chess Championships.

The Championship turned out to be a really hard fought event. Going into the last round we had four players who could have emerged as Champion. These were surprise leader Anthony Dempsey, up-and-coming youngster Clement Sreeves and husband and wife duo Jonathan Grant and Grand Master Keti Arakhamia-Grant. These four took part in the last two matches to finish. Keti defeated Tony leaving Jonathan and Clement fighting for the title as the victor would win the tie-break. A few minutes after the completion of Keti's game they agreed to share the honours, leaving Keti as the 2011 Scottish Champion. International Master Craig Pritchett joined the other three in second place. Jonathan Scott was Scottish Boys' Champion and Alice Lampard Scottish Girls' Champion.

Donald Heron won the Senior Championship with Mike Mitchell the U1500 Champion. The U1500 Boys and Girls Champions were brother and sister duo Carl and Anna Milton.

This year saw the return of the weekend congress which proved a successful addition and is almost certain to be continued.

A total of 119 players competed.

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Can you help?

Chess Scotland is investigating the possibility of staging the 2014 Commonwealth Chess Championship. Such an endeavour obviously requires commercial sponsorship. We urgently need potential sponsors to discuss our plans with. If you can suggest any contacts in this respect please do not hesitate to contact the Chess Scotland Marketing Director or Championship Director Alex McFarlane. As you are aware Alex is involved in a variety of chess events so the best way to contact him is by email to scottishchamps@chessscotland.com

Entry News

The target is to have 10 GMs and 10 IMs taking part in the combined Championship and International Open. See the entry form and list of entrants for more details.