Liverpool Quadrangular
13th & 14th December 2008



We are the champions..... U14 win tourney

27th December, 2008 23:32

I have created a wee slideshow which can be downloaded by right clicking the button above

15th December, 2008 23:52

I have just uploaded the final report to the Aftermath section. Enjoy.

15th December, 2008 08:02

I have just uploaded about 72 photos that were taken (not all were by me, as I had help from parents and Alice Lampard). Just had a text from Jacqui, like myself they are both tired. Unlike myself, they had the foresight to take today off work... We live and learn.

The plan is to enter the games into a database and you can download and play the games from here. I have that to do and the final report and then dear readers, that will be the end of the blog for this year.

Keep an eye on this page for updates for when things are up, I am aiming for Sunday evening at the latest

14th December, 2008 17:07

We are just leaving Gretna. All is well and we are making excellent time.

14th December, 2008 12:43

We did it... The U14's won Scores U16 lost 4-2 to Nothern Counties. U14 won 6-4. U12 lost 4.5-5.5 to Northern Counties (who's U12 team is stronger than the U14's!)

14th December, 2008 09:00

Sorry for the lack of update yesterday, games finished then straight back to the venue to help with the cooking, clean up and into supper. What a day. Good series of results in the afternoon, U16 Scotland 4 - 2 Wales, U14 Scotland 5 - 5 Wales, U12 Scotland 9 - 1 Wales.

The U14 match was incredibly close and for long stretches we were 2 points behind. A wee cheeky win on time from Lisa, a superb win from Sam and Ali held on for a draw to secure the point.

U12's were outstanding, playing more like the players we knew they were.

Today we are looking at anything from 3 wins to 0. In the U16 and U14 we simply have to win to win the tournaments. The U12's it is a different matter, we need to win 7.5-2.5. It is difficult but not beyond them and confidence is high.

I'll put some photos up later on.

13th December, 2008 17:52

Round 1 results, U16, Scotland 6 - 0 Midlands U14, Scotland 7.5-2.5 Midlands U12 Scotland 4-6 Midlands.

Round 2 pairings and results will be appearing

13th December, 2008 15:21

Results from round 1 will start appearing. We are playing the Midlands, Wales this afternoon and Northern Counties tomorrow

13th December, 2008 00:15

I'm sitting in room 31 with the majority of the U14 males, thankfully all are blissfully asleep and hopefully dreaming of the games to come in the afternoon. Getting here was a little interesting with the driver taking a different route than he had originally intended and Phil and I navigating with a combination of a printed route and my trusty laptop with Autoroute.

Ah well, we got here.

The accommodation is a little basic, we are staying in a hostel which surprisingly has quite a few other guests. You would have thought that this time of year would not be the most productive for them. Tonight's light supper of soup was wolfed down and we settled into a team chat. Sprits are high and we look forward to the first two games tomorrow.

The hostel has an interesting history. It was originally an old folks home and was an addition to the local hospital. It then became a hotel which could not support itself and is now a hostel. Some history for tonight :-)

12th December, 2008 22:00

Just to let you all know, we arrived safely!!

12 th December, 2008 18:38

Location, somewhere in England. We are suffering the singing of Mamma Mia as someone has brought it with them and thought it was a good idea to play on the coach. The full compliment of 44 are on board and singing I had a dream....

12th December, 2008 16:34

Well, that's us on our way. Pick up at Bothwell was successful and we are on our way south. Everyone is in good spirits and looking forward to the weekend.


12th December, 2008 10:51

I just received the following e-mail from Jacqui (reproduced with her permission). Ever get the feeling it is going to be one of those days

"As if it wasn’t enough having the constant woozy head which is a combination of the cold I have been fighting off & the 1001. Things going around my head to ensure everything runs smoothly for the outing to Liverpool………………………………

Thursday a.m I receive a call from Asda services to say they were phoning to get verification that I am who I am & that I did place a humongous order to be delivered in Liverpool although I live in Glasgow. I confirmed my details & the Asda lady assured me that all should be ok & if for any reason it wasn’t that she would call back.

Well she didn’t call back so relief.

09.10a.m Friday my mobile rings , unavailable number, who could this be?  “Good morning is that Mrs Thomas”?, yes *there has been some unusual activity on your Tesco credit card & I am calling from Tesco card services”..  Can I just check some personal details? Yes, good that Is fine.  Can I also confirm that you recently paid ……….£.. .. with your card? & you used it at the pump at Tesco Springburn yesterday ? yes, So this £……. To Asda can you confirm you authorised this?  Yes.  “ok Mrs Thomas we have not yet authorised this payment & in fact you will Need to re contact Asda to let them know that they need to re send the request for payment”.  AAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH

So I phone Asda & they tell me the payment has not gone through after I explain to them that the payment has not gone through & they need to request it again.  After a very firm but controlled conversation the foreign speaking lady informs me that the payment has now gone through & the order will be delivered as scheduled.  PHEWWWWWWW"

To all you joining at Dundee, Perth and The Forth Road Bridge, have a safe journey down and I'll see you at Bothwell Services



11th December, 2008 08:30

AAARRRGGGHH!!! I have just checked the weather for the weekend and snow is forecast. Ah well, this is going to be fun :-)

11th December, 2008 07:42

Yes you are reading that correctly, the time is approximately zero dark hundred and I am heading into work by bus. The driver can best be described as a Lewis Hamilton wannabe. I know that double deckers can lean out to 40 degrees, but this gentleman seems determined to prove the point! I have a sneaky suspicion he could be red / green colour blind. We have just ploughed through a red light, narrowly missing a car that was coming through on green!

1 day to go and then we are off to Liverpool. So what do we know of Liverpool (or as Lloyd Grossman would say,"And who would live in a place like this!")? I think when most people think of Liverpool they think either of Liverpool FC (or Everton) or the Beatles, there has to be more to it than that?

The internet is a wonderful thing and just by typing L I V E R P O O L into a search engine I have so many facts at my fingers. Here are a few

- Liverpool was founded as a Borough in 1207 and was granted city status in 1880
- Population is 440,000
- It is founded on the Mersey Estuary
- It is twinned with Koeln (Cologne) in Germany

(Cue Hovis theme)
Eeeh I remember as lad, we did musical by Willie Russell called Our Day Out. It was based in Liverpool and I was supposed to put on a Scouse accent. As most people know, I can only ever do 2 accents, the one I have and North German! I do remember one song from the musical about the Mersey tunnel. From memory it goes (the tune was My Old Man's a Dustman!)

The Mersey Tunnel is three miles long
and the roof is made of glass,
so that as you are driving through
you can watch the ships sail past,
there's a plughole every five yards
that's opened every night,
it lets in lots of water
and it washes away the..da da da diddly da da da.

You can imagine the fun we had with that during rehearsals :-).


9th December, 2008. 18:00

I seem to remember, it all started with a phone call. Something along the line of "What are you doing in December....". I have learnt two things since I became Junior Home Director in August. 1. It is hard work (but enjoyable) and 2. Always be worried when Jacqui or Phil ask you if you are free :-)

Three months on from the "Oh by the way Andy, fancy coming on a trip to Liverpool with us" call and here we are. Team is picked, coaches booked (That is both the Vehicular and Human kind), accommodation is booked and food bought (more of that later). All I need to do it find my passport and make sure my injections are up to date...

I can't believe that in 3 days time, I will be fulfilling one of my ambitions and going away with the Scotland Junior Squad on a trip Abroad (well technically England is abroad!)

For those not familiar with the Quad. 2 teams from England (Midlands and North), a team from Wales and ourselves, do battle over the royal game. There are three age groups. U16 with 6 boards, U14 with 10 and U12 also with 10. We have 2 games on the Saturday and a final game on the Sunday.

Our aim for the weekend is to improve on last years performance (for the Record U16 won it last year, U14 and U12 were 3rd). My predictions are 2 1st's and a 2nd (I would love to be proven wrong with three 1st's).