Chess Scotland


The Glorney Team

Connor Woods

Daniel Rocks

Ian MacGregor

Clement Sreeves

Adam Bremner


Glorney and Faber / Four Nations 2008

Liverpool John Moore’s University

Wednesday 23rd - 25th July

The Faber Team

Ali Roy

Caitlin McCulloch

Shona Jordan

Four Nations -

Under 14’s

Jonathan Wright

Shivan Murdochy

David Gillespie

Peter Devenny

Jamie Scott

Callum Dickson

Four Nations -

Under 12’s

Peter Rainey

Peter Sanders

Robert Childs

Ben He

Kiron Roy

Daniel Thomas

Congratulations to the players above who have been selected to take part in the Glorney and Faber / Four Nations Championships taking place in Liverpool. The event is being organised this year by the English Chess Federation and will be held in Liverpool’s John Moore’s University.

The Glorney and Faber Cups are international chess team competitions for players aged under 18. The Glorney Cup was originally sponsored by a Dublin businessman, Mr C. Parker Glorney, and the Faber Cup by Faber Books, but they are now entirely financed by the hosting national chess federations.

Selection for the Glorney and Faber and Four Nations teams is regarded as a high point in the career of a junior chess player. It confirms their status as one of the top junior chess players in their country and gives them valuable experience against their counterparts in other European countries.

Highlights from last year’s event - GLORNEY 2008