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European Team Championships - Crete - Jim Webster - 26-10-2017

Good luck to the Scottish Team playing in Creta Maris, Crete.

The Scottish Team is: -

Andy Burnett - FM
Neil Berry - FM
Jonathan I M Grant
Graham Morrison - FM
Alan Tate - FM

The results are posted here:

No link yet for live games, but play starts on 28th.

RE: European Team Championships - Crete - Alastair White - 31-10-2017

Seeded 40 out of 40 but currently going well after a draw with Faroes and a win against Macedonia. Currently 23rd, playing vs home team (Greece) today.

I'm following the games live via the 'Follow Chess' app.

RE: European Team Championships - Crete - George Neave - 05-11-2017

Christmas just came early for Jonathan Grant and Scotland look to be heading for their first match victory!

RE: European Team Championships - Crete - Alastair White - 05-11-2017

Not counting the win against FYROM, that is. See above.

Can't believe what just happened on Andy's board and especially on Jonathan' board.

RE: European Team Championships - Crete - andyburnett - 06-11-2017

Well, that was quite a ride today!

Apologies for not updating with reports - we tend not finish analysis/chilling out until about 11pm.

I played a good game today, shot myself in the foot by panicking when short of time and then somehow recovered - while Jonathan did something similar but even more spectacular -and won!! Needless to say it was a laugh-a-minute post-mortem session of the 2 games Big Grin It does make up for yesterday's misfortunes though!

Belgium tomorrow in the final round Smile