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EU Referendum - donaldheron - 20-05-2016

I thought someone would have started a topic on this by now. No one has so I will have a go. Firstly, I do not think that anything can be proved to be true except those few things that are subject to pure deductive logic. On the other hand most ideas (including political ideas like the EU), theories and chess moves have either been proved to be false or they have not yet been proved to be false. Secondly, any government which states that it is always right and does not allow its ideas to be challenged is totalitarian by definition. So, it follows that it is a good idea to test everything to see if it is false. That leads logically to my second point that the EU idea should be tested to see if it is false. The third point is that we should test the EU idea by leaving. Of course it could have been tested by Greece leaving since they could not have been much worse anyway. Greece could also have been offered all the help and support they might have needed at the same time. The fourth point is to ask - what is the risk of being wrong? If we are wrong to leave then we could re-join. I think this would be allowed because the EU is keen to expand and I think they would also enjoy us being wrong and admitting it. On the other hand the risk of being wrong by not testing the EU is that we might never get the chance again and things will keep getting worse.

Re: EU Referendum - amuir - 20-05-2016

I am a Brexiter - I do not want a federal state of europe or uncontrolled immigration or high fees

Re: EU Referendum - Alan Bell - 20-05-2016

Well that's made my mind up.

Re: EU Referendum - andyburnett - 20-05-2016

Alan Bell Wrote:Well that's made my mind up.
Big Grin

Re: EU Referendum - Alan Jelfs - 23-05-2016

From a chess player's point of view, wouldn't leaving the EU risk having to pay for visas when travelling to tournaments in the EU?

Re: EU Referendum - robin moore - 23-05-2016

Steve Hilton is in favour of leaving...

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Re: EU Referendum - Ianbrownlee - 30-05-2016


Re: EU Referendum - Jim Webster - 31-05-2016

Help! - you can't win either way!