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Minute of Meeting of Council of Scottish Chess Association held at Scottish Amicable, Craigforth, Stirling on Saturday 9 June 2001 at 1.45pm.

0 Attendance JM Glendinning (President), G Clarke, S Collins, AH McFarlane, LR McKenzie, A Plato, K Stewart, R Tweedie (invited, as SJCA President) and D Wilson. Apologies from DM Bryson, D Grassie, W Marshall, A Maxwell.

1 Honorary President Before business commenced the President referred to the recent death of former President and current Honorary President Walter Munn. There was a short period of silent reflection.

2 Minutes Minutes of the Council meeting of February 2001 were approved.

3 Matters Arising KS reported that the Rules Book would now be published in September in the light of the merger process.

AP asked about the extra sponsorship required for the Scottish Championships. This was now in place.

4 Budget and Fees LRM put forward the Board's proposals (previously circulated to Council) that fees should rise as: club by £1, membership by 50p, Scottish Chess by 10p.

GC asked about grading fees for internal club allegro games. LRM stated that he and DMB had agreed that such games can be included within the complement of games graded free under the club’s SCA membership.

The proposed fees were agreed to.

5 Merger (SCA/SJCA) A document had been circulated describing the state of progress and containing detailed proposals for merger. This received extensive discussion including the following:

Name - It was agreed to proceed with the name Chess Scotland. It was open to members to propose alternatives by constitutional amendment.

Directors - There was discussion of the titles of some director posts. Directors where there was the possibility of payment for services would be appointed by Council. Unpaid directors would be appointed by AGM.

Membership fees - There was discussion of modification for students and/or other unwaged. It was agreed to consider this for the future after suitable research on financial impact and changes required to the database processing.

It was noted that Stirling CC has a family scheme in which a family of one adult and two juniors would pay fully for the adult, 50% for one junior and the other free.

Financial Year - This would end April 30 which is a quiet time and suitable for preparation of accounts to AGM.

Process - Assuming the respective AGMs voted in favour, the process would be:

by July 23, publish on website draft constitution and details of inaugural meeting;

by Aug 5, publish order of business and those proposed for office;

between Aug 5 and 19, both boards meet to consider amendments;

Aug 19, inaugural AGM.

Council agreed unanimously to support the proposal.

6 Other Business 

(a) Details were circulated of a European municipalities tournament.

(b) It was explained that deceased players are removed from the grading list as soon as the death is reported. This is an informal process and depends on the grader receiving the information by some means.

(c) LRM reported that HMI had informed him of a planned inspection in late August. It was agreed to ask HMI if this could be rescheduled in the light of the merger process.

(d) It was confirmed that the SCA has no undisclosed assets or liabilities relevant to the merger process.

The meeting closed at 4pm.