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Annual General Meeting of Chess Scotland


Sunday 27 August 2006

Venue: City Inn, Finnieston Quay, Glasgow, G3 8HH at 2.00 pm

(directions and location available on their website -

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update Aug 21 - unofficial item added bottom of this page - not on agenda download

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday 27 August 2006 at City Inn, Finnieston Quay, Glasgow , G3 8HH at 2.00 pm. The business of the AGM will be:

•  Apologies for absence

•  Minutes of last AGM and matters arising therefrom

(The minutes will be taken as read and are available on the CS website)

•  Approval of Annual Report, including accounts for year ending 30 April 2006

(The report and accounts are available on the CS website)

•  Elections:

The following people have been nominated and seconded, and confirmed their willingness to stand

President D Wilson

Honorary President [J Rowson nominated but confirmation of willingness to serve not yet received]

Executive Director J Glendinning

Finance Director L R McKenzie

Schools Development Director C W Pritchett

Home Chess Director (Open)

Home Chess Director (Junior)

Customer Services Director

International Director (Open) J Aagaard

International Director (Junior) J Aagaard

Marketing Director

Technical Director K W C Stewart

Chief Grader D Bryson

Webmaster D Bryson

Membership Secretary G Anderson

Scottish Chess Editor(s) R Coleman and D Oswald

FIDE/ECU delegate J Glendinning

Auditor Karen Clark CA


Appointments are also be made of the following representatives on Council:


Four representatives of Club Members, at least one of which must be a school

•  Stirling Chess Club has been nominated and seconded and confirmed willingness to stand

•  In the absence of other nominees, it is proposed that the remaining existing members be elected if they are willing to stand and join as members. They are Crowwood, Edinburgh and St Mary's School


Two representatives of registered congresses

•  In the absence of any nominations, it is proposed that the existing members be elected if they are willing to stand. They are Glasgow Montrose and Wester Hailes


Four individual members, one of whom must be female and one under age 18.

•  In the absence of any nominations, it is proposed that the existing members be elected if they are willing to stand and are members. They are A Plato, D Wilson, D Officer, R Coleman


•  Matters raised by members


Olympiad team selection and the Scottish Championships

I propose that when selecting an Olympiad team, the Scottish Champion for the current and previous year should automatically be offered a place in the team.

If either champion does not take-up the offer, the place is offered at discretion of selection committee i.e. it does not automatically pass to runner-up.

If the same player holds the title for both years, then only one place is filled using this rule.

To my mind, this means selectors still have considerable discretion on team composition i.e. if there is a pool of 5, then a maximum of 5 and a minimum of 3 places are offered-out at the selection committee's discretion.>

The motivation for proposing this rule is to create some much needed additional incentive for the country's strongest players to participate in the Scottish Championship each year.

Proposer : George Neave, Seconder : Geoff Chandler

International Director Jacob Aagaard has set out his detailed reasons for disagreeing with this proposal on the CS website.

Affiliated organisations

We propose that the minimum annual fee for affiliated organisations (excluding leagues and congresses) should be £30 with benefits being a seat on Council, reference and links on the CS website and a copy of the grading list. This shall apply at the next renewal of any currently affiliated organisations.

Proposer: L R McKenzie, Seconder: J Glendinning


Affiliation to the International Braille Chess Association

I would like to propose that Scotland affiliates to the International Braille Chess Association. This would enable visually handicapped players to represent the country on an official basis in IBCA such as world championships and if in the future enough players come forward to form a Scotland team for the Braille Olympiad.

Cost would be $150 per year.

We would have to work with my colleagues in the Braille Chess Association to enable this to happen. It may take a bit of time.

As our sighted and deaf colleagues can represent our country, I only ask that the visually handicapped have that same right.

Proposer: S Hilton, Seconder: D Wilson


•  Any other business, including a request for affiliation from the British Chess Problem Society.

(see unofficial item below)

John Glendinning

Acting Executive Director

Chess Scotland



Note: Other meetings on 27 August at the City Inn:


Council Meeting:

There will NOT be a meeting of Council after the AGM.

Junior Board

There will, however, be a meeting for the Junior Board immediately following the AGM.

Organisers' meeting

There will be an organisers' meeting. It will start at 11.15 and finish by 1 pm on Sunday 27 August 2006.

The venue is City Inn, Finnieston Quay, Glasgow , G3 8HN . If there is a specific agenda, it will be published on the cs website but in any event we will want to hear the issues organisers want to discuss about calendar clashes etc.

For people staying for the AGM at 2 pm at the same venue, you may wish to eat at the hotel between meetings. But please be aware that the hotel serves a buffet on Sundays and as it is very popular you are strongly recommended to book in advance. If you wish to book lunch then you should book direct with City Café. Their contact telephone number is 0141 227 1010 or the email address is . You can advise City Café that you are attending the Chess Scotland meeting and are willing to share tables with others at the meeting, if you wish. We believe the cost is £14.95 but please confirm that when booking as CS takes no responsibility for any costs! You can get more information about the hotel at their website



Unofficial agenda item

Discussion on the request of Andrew Muir

Andy Muir and Siegrun Macgilchrist wanted to submit a proposal for the AGM that seemed to change our laws. As they were not in good time, it was decided that the proposal could not be submitted this year. However, as International Director I find it very useful to end the debate by having an unofficial vote to guide me in my future work for Chess Scotland at the AGM.

The proposal was not exactly this text, but this is the text that should be voted on at the AGM:

Should Chess Scotland establish official posts of International Selectors to administrate selections for Olympiad, European Team Championship and all other International events at the 2007 AGM?

At current the International Director selects the selectors. They are not an official post and therefore merely advisors he can choose to ignore.

In the case the proposal is supported by half or more of those present at the AGM, I will personally prepare two proposals for next years AGM: 1. The 15 highest Elo-rated players in Chess Scotland will select the selectors. 2. The selectors are selected by the AGM. The number of selectors would also be agreed at the 2007 AGM.

For the record: I am personally against this proposal, as I think the International Director should direct and because the only two people who has uttered any kind of unhappiness with the selections are those who wanted to put forward this proposal. No top player has publicly or privately said anything negative about the selections, except for Andy and Sigrun. I will not be able to attend the AGM personally, but trust that the members will have a fruitful debate and reach a sound decision. Unlike with the forced selection of the Scottish Champion to the Olympiad team as proposal by George Neave and Geoff Chandler, I do not find this proposal directly counterproductive to the progress of chess in Scotland , so I do not in any way link my continued service as ID to this proposal.

21st of August

Jacob Aagaard




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