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Sunday, 28 August 2005


(page updated Aug 22, 2005)


The Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday 28 August 2005 at City Inn, Finnieston Quay, Glasgow , G3 8HH at 2.00 pm. The business of the AGM will be:


•  1 Apologies for absence

•  2 Minutes of last AGM and matters arising therefrom

•  3 Approval of Annual Report, including accounts for year ending 30 April 2005

•  4 Elections:

President J M Glendinning

Honorary President J Rowson*

Executive Director

Finance Director L R McKenzie

Schools Development Director C W Pritchett*

Home Chess Director (Open) A H McFarlane

Home Chess Director (Junior) G Grant*

Customer Services Director A Bisset

International Director (Open) J Aagaard*

International Director (Junior) D Officer*

Marketing Director

Technical Director K W C Stewart

Chief Grader D Bryson

Webmaster D Bryson

Membership Secretary G Anderson

Scottish Chess Editor S Collins

FIDE/ECU delegate J M Glendinning

Auditor K Oswald

Director with responsibility for political engagement Peter Macnab*


Note: Further nominations were received but after 7 August. At its meeting on 14 August, Council concluded:


The AGM cannot constitutionally accept as properly nominated any candidate put forward after August 7th (as the constitution states that 3 weeks notice is required). The AGM will decide whether such properly nominated candidates are acceptable for these positions. The Management Board will make appointments to any unfilled posts. Anyone wishing to be considered for the unfilled posts should e-mail by 20 August. Those who applied after August 7 will be considered to have already done this.

After that the names of those who have expressed such an interest will be displayed on the Chess Scotland website prior to the AGM.

The names of people who have indicated they want to be considered for posts are shown above followed by an asterisk.

5 •  Matters raised by members


"The current rule permitting joint holders of the Scottish Championship title in the event of a tie in the annual Championship (top event only) should be reviewed with a view to considering the introduction of a tie-break system to establish a single title-holder. The AGM will empower the Home Director to undertake such a review or appoint a suitable person (persons) to do this on his behalf.

"The remit of the review would be to establish the views of Scotland 's top players on this matter and to provide a summary report for decision by Council in February 2006 outlining options for change and their merits, including any recommendations. The report should include a summary of the merits of all the major tie-break options, including "play-off" options (e.g. Rapidplay or Blitz matches) and options that do not require actual play (e.g. S-B, Sum of Opponents' scores, Cumulative Sum of Opponents' scores)."


Proposer : Andrew Muir, Seconder : Craig Pritchett


A To represent Scotland at international level junior players must be a paid up member of Chess Scotland. Membership is defined as full or basic membership, U17 membership full or basic, U14 membership full or basic, family membership full or basic, junior family membership full or basic, patron or life member.


B That whilst recognising the positive role that the Youth Squad plays in developing junior chess in Scotland. Membership should not be a prerequisite before being considered to represent Scotland as a junior internationalist.

Proposer: Robert Montgomery Seconder: James Montgomery



6 •  Any other business

Background note reproduced from earlier announcements:

New procedures apply this year to the election of officebearers. Nominations must be received by the Executive Director by post or e-mail by 2 pm on 7 August 2005. The nomination must be proposed and seconded and the nominee must confirm willingness to stand. Nominee, proposer and seconder must all be members of Chess Scotland.

Members may also raise issues for decision by the AGM. Proposals for consideration must be proposed and seconded to be included in the agenda. Proposer and seconder must be members of Chess Scotland. Proposals must be received by the Executive Director by post or e-mail by 2 pm on 7 August 2005.

Selection must also be made of the following representatives on Council:

•  Four representatives of Club Members, at least one of which must be a school

•  Two representatives of registered congresses

•  Four individual members, one of whom must be female and one under age 18.

The current holders of these posts are:

•  Crowwood, Stirling, Edinburgh and St Mary's School

•  Glasgow Montrose and Wester Hailes

•  A Plato, D Wilson, D Officer, R Coleman

Clubs, congresses and individuals who wish to be included in the ballot should indicate their wish to the Executive Director by post or e-mail by 2 pm on 7 August 2005.

In the absence of an Executive Director at present, please post nominations to the President John Glendinning, 40 Criffell Road, Glasgow, G32 9JB or e-mail to .


John Glendinning

Acting Executive Director






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