Chess Scotland was created in 2001 with the merger of the Scottish Chess Association and the Scottish Junior Chess Association. This is the Constitution of the new body.

Chess Scotland Constitution

(revised June 19, 2016)

Other Constitutional Reports
2016-2017 Reports: Sep 2016-Aug 2017
07-Feb-2017 Minutes Jan mgt board meeting
24-Jan-2017 Minutes Oct mgt board meeting
01-Nov-2016 Minutes Jul mgt board meeting
2015-2016 Reports: Sep 2015-Aug 2016
22-Jul-2016 AGM Notice
04-Apr-2016 Minutes Feb mgt board meeting
01-Apr-2016 Council Agenda
01-Apr-2016 Council Minutes for March 2015
16-Mar-2016 Minutes Dec mgt board meeting
25-Sep-2015 Minutes AGM 2015
2014-2015 Reports: Sep 2014-Aug 2015
29-Aug-2015 AGM Agenda, Motions, Accounts
29-Aug-2015 Minutes AGM 2014
29-Aug-2015 Statement on SGM
18-Jul-2015 SGM Minutes
24-Jun-2015 SGM Notice
15-Jan-2015 Council (Mar) Notice
19-Oct-2014 Council (Nov) Notice
2013-2014 Reports: Sep 2013-Aug 2014
9-Aug-2014 AGM (notice, agenda, reports)
22-Mar-2014 Council (March) minutes
9-Mar-2014 Council (March) Notice, Agenda
9-Mar-2014 Council (Jan) minutes
30-Dec-2013 Council (Jan) Notice, Agenda
2012-2013 Reports: Sep 2012-Aug 2013
9-Aug-2014 AGM 2013 minutes
5-Aug-2013 AGM notice
5-Aug-2013 Council minutes, notice reports
2011-2012 Reports: Sep 2011-Aug 2012
2010-2011 Reports: Sep 2010-Aug 2011
2009-2010 Reports: Sep 2009-Aug 2010
2008-2009 Reports: Sep 2008-Aug 2009
2007-2008 Reports: Sep 2007-Aug 2008
2006-2007 Reports: Sep 2006-Aug 2007
28-Aug-2007 AGM Minutes
03-Aug-2007 Annual Accounts (PDF)
03-Aug-2007 Auditors Report (PDF)
03-Aug-2007 AGM Reports (PDF)
03-Aug-2007 AGM Agenda and Notice of SGM
26-May-2007 AGM date change notice
25-Mar-2007 Council Minutes
2005-2006 Reports: Sep 2005-Aug 2006
05-Sep-2006 AGM Minutes
09-Aug-2006 AGM, Organiser, Junior Board meetings
09-Aug-2006 AGM Agenda
08-Aug-2006 AGM Reports
08-Aug-2006 Accounts as EXCEL download
08-Aug-2006 Auditors Report as Word download
17-Mar-2006 Council Minutes
2004-2005 Reports: Sep 2004-Aug 2005
31-Aug-2005 AGM Minutes
19-Aug-2005 AGM Reports
19-Aug-2005 Accounts as EXCEL download
19-Aug-2005 Auditors Report
19-Aug-2005 Council Minutes
15-Aug-2005 Notice and Agenda of AGM
09-Aug-2005 Notice and Agenda Council Meeting
18-Jul-2005 Minutes of SGM
23-Jun-2005 Notice of SGM
09-Jun-2005 Council Minutes
07-Apr-2005 April 9 Council Meeting Agenda and Papers
01-Mar-2005 Council Meeting Draft Minutes
14-Feb-2005 Budget 2005-2006
14-Feb-2005 Council Minutes
2003-2004 Reports: Sep 2003-Aug 2004
29-Aug-2004 Council Minutes
29-Aug-2004 AGM Minutes
29-Aug-2004 AGM Reports
24-Aug-2004 Accounts 2004
24-Aug-2004 Auditors Report 2004
08-Feb-2004 Council Meeting Minutes
08-Feb-2004 Budget 2004-2005
05-Jan-2004 Director Responsibilties
2002-2003 Reports: Sep 2002-Aug 2003
22-Sep-2003 Council Minutes
22-Sep-2003 AGM Minutes
30-Aug-2003 AGM Reports
30-Aug-2003 Council Meeting Agenda
22-Aug-2003 Accounts 2003
22-Aug-2003 Auditors Report 2003
09-Feb-2003 Council Meeting Minutes
22-Oct-2002 Council Meeting Minutes
2001-2002 Reports
08-Jul-2002 AGM July 2002
08-Jul-2002 AGM Reports 2002
08-Jul-2002 Accounts 2002
10-Feb-2002 Council Meeting Minutes
19-Aug-2001 Merger / Inaugural Meeting of Chess Scotland
19-Aug-2001 Summary of Inaugural Council Meeting
2000-2001 Reports
09-Jul-2001 AGM Reports
30-Apr-2001 Accounts for 2001
09-Jun-2001 Council Meeting
24-Jun-2001 Scottish Junior Chess Association AGM
1999-2000 Reports
17-Jul-2000 AGM Reports

Contacts - Membership - Fees

Contacts / Officials
Contacts in Chess Scotland
Scottish Arbiter List
Scottish Arbiter Information

Chess Scotland can process fees online for new or renewing members.
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Fees (pdf) effective from Aug 1, 2015 to 31 July 2016

services and publications

Scottish Chess is the official publication of Chess Scotland.   Chess Scotland members can receive the magazine as part of their membership package.
Scottish Chess Magazine

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for all chessplayers
Chess Club Database:  a list of all chess clubs in Scotland, with contact details

Registered Coaches: The official list of chess coaches registered with Chess Scotland.

Standards Code: Policy guidelines on the ethical standards which apply to players, organisers and officials. (Amended Oct 30, 2012)

Child Protection: Policy guidelines for dealing with children and vulnerable adults

Government Support: A history of grant aid to the organisation from central government.

Rules for Playing:  incorporating the official laws of the game, and Chess Scotland rules (Rules Archive)

The Grading Page: with links to grading results and articles about how it all works.

Tournament Events: the calendar of all chess events for the season.

Chessbase Grand Prix: rules and results

Join the 100 Club and win yourself some money.  Don't say you we didn't tell you! 

especially for organisers
Running a Chess Club: a free download on common sense suggestions for running a chess club.

Running a Schools Chess Club is an essential guide for all those wishing to organise schools chess.

Guide for Tournament Organisers plots a path for you through all the difficulties of running a chess tournament.

chess scotland champions

Scottish Champions
Scottish Champion
Woman Champion
Allegro Champion
Player of the Year

Team Champions
Richardson Cup
Spens Cup

affiliated organisations

SCCA - Scottish Correspondence Chess Association

NEJCA - North East Junior Chess

CAA - Chess Arbiters Association

BCA - Braille Chess Association

SCDAD - Scottish Chess & Draughts Association of the Deaf

LJC - Lothian Junior Chess



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